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The long term project »Enlightenment« is in full swing: the freedom to dissent, equality under public law, and solidarity with all the people from all over the world — these self-imposed development goals are widely accepted by all human beings. Since everything is exquisitely debated in a parliamentary democracy, this chatty form of government, citizens will of course exquisitely debate on how to achieve these goals. The negotiation process is conducted in and by public media, from Kant’s world of readers (»Leserwelt«) on to the hypermedia of the world wide web, the homo politicus uses cultural techniques like writing, image and number for his public display of reasoning.

Informatics (and also computer science for that matter) is the study of designing information and communications technology and assessing it in all social respects. Technicians yield the power to enable or suppress public deliberation; in the so called Turing Galaxy, Informaticians have the responsibility to ensure the possibilities of the existence of an informed public.

Your humble author of these lines tries to address this responsability in public.